Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering

Tees Valley is a global leader in advanced manufacturing and engineering, home to multinational businesses operating in manufacturing, engineering and process industries.

Integrated Economy

Tees Valley has one of the most integrated industrial economies in the UK. Our regional manufacturing strength is largely due to the chemicals and process, offshore, automotive, aerospace and energy sectors, which form the industrial economic base of the area. However there is also a strong presence of companies operating in the composites, food and drink, defence and construction industries.

Food and Drink

Food and drink represents the largest percentage share of GVA in the UK manufacturing industry and in Tees Valley there are a number of high-profile manufacturers who are attracted by our excellent exporting infrastructure.

KP Snacks, one of the biggest British snack manufacturers, makes all of its iconic McCoy’s crisps from its facility in Billingham. Tees Valley is also home to the Tetley brand, which produces more than a billion tea bags each month, and global food giant, Quorn, which manufactures all of its products in Tees Valley. Investment from Quorn has made its Billingham site the largest of its kind in the world.

Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN), the number one performance nutrition brand in the world, is based in Middlesbrough and produces a full range of performance nutrition products.

Sector Summary

There are currently 3,100 business employing 19,000 people and the sector makes up 7.4% of employee jobs in Tees Valley. This is significantly higher than the national of 4.8% and highlights the strength and importance of the sector in the area, which is in large part due to the excellent existing infrastructure and assets that the area has to offer businesses here.

From 2014-16 the advanced manufacturing and engineering services sectors in the Tees Valley economic region grew by 9.2% – more than the UK average increase – and the sector is worth £3.8billion, showing the strength and capacity for growth in the area.

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