Boho X – Digital Sector Expansion

Boho represents the opportunity to provide one of the best locations in the UK to design, enable, create, and grow new digital opportunities and put Middlesbrough at the heart of the most important and rapidly evolving industries in the world. Focusing around the key pillars of communication, innovation, and sustainability, Boho will act as a catalyst for social, economic and environmental change within the region. It will nurture the freshest, new talent and skills within the digital sector and act as a base of new businesses and industry start-ups.  This will ensure that Tees Valley becomes a recognised centre for digital media investment both nationally and internationally.

The proposed location for the new facility is in the BoHo Zone which is located within the Middlehaven regeneration area of Middlesbrough, and adjacent to the Rail and Historic Quarter. The site lies in the heart of the 8.1hectare St Hilda’s Enterprise Zone, which has been designated by Middlesbrough Council as a focal point for the growth of digital and creative businesses in the town.

The proposed programme will cost  in the region of £30m and is to be completed by 2022. The proposed development will ensure that Middlesbrough and the wider Tees Valley experience a rate of sectoral growth (digital) higher than the English average up to 2025 (greater than 14% per annum).  The proposed development will create a step change in performance and perception of both the digital sector and the BoHo site in Middlesbrough.  Turning it into a nationally competitive cluster.

Work has started on site to put into place the modular units for the first phase of expansion – Boho 8.


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