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Together, we can improve journeys in Tees Valley


Improving Transport across Tees Valley

We are working to deliver transport improvements across Tees Valley. We want to improve transport for people living and working in our area.  

Improving transport is part of a wider vision for the region, with hundreds of millions of pounds already granted to the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority to transform transport in the next five years and beyond. The improvements will focus on faster and more reliable public transport, better connected transport links, and improved walking, wheeling, and cycling routes. 

This investment will increase transport choices for everyone and help to remove transport barriers ensuring that more people can access opportunities. 

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We already have some ideas of how we will improve journeys for bus users, and for people walking, wheeling, and cycling, which you can see here. We would like to hear your views on these ideas and the future of transport in Tees Valley. Your feedback will help shape the more detailed designs and next steps for future ideas and proposals.


Our Vision

We have ambitious plans to improve journeys across Tees Valley. Our vision is a high quality, fast, dependable, and well-connected transport system that will drive economic growth, create jobs, and support investment. 

Our vision for transport in Tees Valley is: 

“To provide a high quality, quick, affordable, reliable, low carbon and safe transport network for people and freight to move within, to and from Tees Valley.” 

Why is change needed? 

Our investment in transport support changes in the following regional, national, and global challenges including:  

Connectivity and economic growth  Our goal is to deliver improved connectivity and access to: 

  • key employment sites  
  • education 
  • healthcare 
  • leisure 
  • businesses  

and, to drive economic growth and deliver on the potential of Tees Valley.  

High quality alternatives to a car 


To provide high-quality transport choices to using cars, particularly for shorter journeys. 

Currently, over 25% of Tees Valley residents do not have access to a car.  

Improving bus services, and providing better walking, wheeling, and cycling routes will increase access to opportunities for everyone.  

Using public transport, walking, wheeling, and cycling will also help meet our 2030 targets for net zero emissions – with wider benefits, such as improving the air we breathe, reducing congestion on our roads and improving health and well-being. 

Improved public transport  Public transport in Tees Valley needs to be frequent, high quality, dependable and integrated.  

We want public transport to get you where you need to go, when you need to get there. We know improvements are needed to make this a reality for every journey. 

Improved walking, wheeling, and cycling 



Walking, wheeling, and cycling need to be safer with more dedicated spaces for both pedestrians and cyclists away from busy traffic. This will reduce conflict between different road users and make walking and cycling journeys easier and more appealing for everyone.  
Healthier communities  We need to create happier, healthier, and more active communities. Making walking, wheeling, and cycling journeys better will help to deliver this. 
Cutting carbon  Tees Valley currently has one of the highest levels of carbon emissions in the UK, twice the national average each year.  

To address this, we are investing to build a quality low-carbon, fully connected transport network that offers high-quality sustainable transport choices in how we go. We also want to improve traffic flows by using new digital technologies – all to progress towards our target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions. 

Where is the funding coming from? 

To deliver our vision and improve journeys for everyone in Tees Valley, we have secured funding from the following UK Government sources: 

City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement 

Levelling up Fund  

Active Travel Fund 

Transforming Cities Fund 

These secured funds listed all have agreed plans of investment with UK Government and the Department for Transport (DfT) and are supported by the five Tees Valley local authorities.  All projects comply with respective UK Government guidance, including financial controls and assurance procedures to meet outcomes that benefit the Tees Valley. 

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